Company profile
Company profile

 About Us

Infra Plus was founded in 2008 by Musa Islamaj - Hydromechanics engineer. The idea of founding the company InfraPlus was born on the basis of two main factors: professional experience of the staff in the field of water engaged in various companies both local and international, as well as the need for large investments in the sector of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment. These factors persuade us  that  around our company we  engage professionals experienced in this area, with the only aim that the company INFRAPLUS be leader in Kosovo in the field of the water, as in the field of consultancy, design, execution of works, as and supply and sale of hydro installation materials.

InfraPlus company since the establishment has started with a high success in the field of the engineering with a professional staff, starting mainly with the design of infrastructure projects, and implementation of projects to supply drinking water. Seeing the seriousness and professionalism of the company INFRAPLUS, company successes result in various contract works and becomes strong competitor in the jobs market in Kosovo.

In the early years of establishment INFRAPLUS company realized contracts worth hundreds of thousands of euros, but thanks to our professional and successful implementation of projects on time, INFRAPLUS company grows credibility and prestige in the country, resulting in contracts worth millions  from both from local investors  and foreign investors. Beside the requirements in the field of implementation of the works in the field of the water, as well as major market requirements in the field of designing various infrastructure projects, increase the number of professional and technical staff in the company.

InfraPlus company annually increases the company's staff with young professionals of different profiles. Besides the different market requirements, the company INFRAPLUS expands its field operations in the field of design consultancies and in two other sectors: Urban Planning and GIS sector. To be consistently worthy competitor in the market is constantly invested in the technical development of the company but also in human resources development. So every year they organize trainings and visits various fairs in European countries, where trained professional staff of the company, with the sole purpose to be in step with the time in professional development of staff.

Thanks to the company's continued success and increasing  number of contracts for the implementation of various infrastructure projects, InfraPlus company expands its operations in the sector of the supply and sale of materials hydro-installations, as well as the fleet with modern technical machinery.

Today the company InfraPlus is on of the leading companies in Kosovo in the field of projecting and implementing infrastructure projects in general, and particularly in the field of waters.

 Our Staff

Our staff consists of professional and operational staff, committed total are 42 employees in our company. From professional staff have engaged engineer 22 different profiles, with qualification and sensational experience in various engineering fields. Our staff have engaged expert and engineer in the following profiles:

-      Water engineering,

-      Engineering constructions

-      The architecture,

-      Road Infrastructure,

-      Geodesy,

-      Environment,

-      GIS system.

  Also InfraPlus appropriate expert engages specific profiles, depending on customer requirements.

Other staff of our company consists of operating staff, which deals with the implementation of projects on the field. Overall the implementation of the projects are engaged 20 workers mainly water profiles with a high experience in the implementation of projects.
          - Construction of water supply
          - Construction of depots for collecting water
          - The construction of the sewerage network
          - Construction of plants for waste water treatment
          - The construction of irrigation canals
          - Hydro installations in different facilities construction, etc. 
  Organogram of Company
InfraPlus consists of a professional staff, and is led by a management staff with high professional qualifications and experience sensational in various engineering fields. The management of InfraPlus hierarchy managed by a Director of the Company Musa Islamaj, who with the help of professional consultants and general manager of the Company and manages all affairs within InfraPlus. InfraPlus company organogram is shown in the following figure. 
    Our Services
The main activity of the  INFRAPLUS Company focused on four main types of services:

    -    Construction,

    -    Design Projects       

    -    Supervision and Consulting, and

    -    Materials supply Hydro-installed 

InfraPlus is known with its working methods, which are presented as follows:

   - Staff competence and professional experience;

   - Innovative engineering solutions;

   - Technical Application of original methods and software;

   - Quality services to customers.