Urban Planning Sector
Urban Planning Sector

InfraPlus provides general and specific services of drafting conceptual and architectural  projects, urban planning, designing of parking, documentation of contracts, construction permits, graphic presentations and architectural environmental services.

This sector has designed a number of different urban plans and construction buildings . The experience and high commitment of this sector is best evidenced by the work carried out by this sector since the founding of the company, such as:


Urban Plans

617.28 ha

Construction buildings and spatial planning

28.2 ha


In the sector of Urban Planning, works group of architects , who dealing with the following activities:

*      Development of conceptual projects of various urban planning and construction facilities

*      Urban Regulatory Plans

*      Municipal zoning map

*      Regulatory plans for special areas

*      Projects architectural objects (the plans, sights, logging etc.)

*      Designs and prepares the necessary documentation for the construction permit

*      Manages the construction of buildings on the ground.

      *      Manages the affairs of the design of urban regulatory plans.