About Infra Plus

Infra Plus is a registered company based in Kosovo, specialized in the fields of engineering and architecture. Following its establishment in 2008 with an eager of offering professional and innovative solutions, the company’s professional and technical personnel have grown in response to rising demand in the field of designing and implementation of various infrastructure projects, water resources, environment, urban planning and architecture, technical assistance & project management, energy, construction and other related disciplines.
With a vision of providing professional consultancy services based on commitments and collaborative approach we develop creative engineering solution considering every project unique on its scale.

Our staff

Infra Plus staff consists of professional and operative staff. From the professional staff, Infra Plus Company employs a total of 25 engineers of various profiles, with impressive qualifications and experience in various engineering fields.

Our staff includes experts and engineers in the following profiles: Hydrotechnical Engineering, Building and Construction Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Road infrastructure, Geodesy, GIS system, Environmental fields, Renewable Energy, etc.

The rest of our company’s staff consists of operational staff, which deals with the implementation of projects in the field. In total, 40 workers of mainly water profiles with a high experience are engaged in the implementation of the projects such as: Construction of the water supply network, Construction of catchments for water collection, Construction of the sewerage network, Construction of wastewater treatment plants, Construction of irrigation canals, Water supply & installations in various construction facilities, etc.


1. Community Development Fund – CDF
2. Community Development Initiatives – CDI
4. Developing Together – UNHCR
5. European Commission – EU
6. European Commission of Liason Office in Kosovo (ECLO)
7. German KFOR
8. GIZ
9. International Organization for Migration – IOM
10. International Relief Development – IRD
11. Kelkos Energy
12. KfW
13. Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch – Und Tiefbau GmbH & Co.KG
14. Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency
15. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development
16. Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
17. Ministry of Environemt, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure – MESPI
18. Ministry of Internal Affairs
19. Municipality of Deçan
20. Municipality of Ferizaj
21. Municipality of Gjakova
22. Municipality of Gjilan
23. Municipality of Hani Elezit
24. Municipality of Junik
25. Municipality of Kaçanik
26. Municipality of Novoberda
27. Municipality of Peja
28. Municipality of Podujeva
29. Municipality of Prishtina
30. Municipality of Suhareka
31. Municipality of Vitia
32. Municiplaity of Drenas
33. N.H Ibër – Lepenc
34. Regional Water Company – Hidroregjioni Jugor Prizren
35. Regional Water Company – KRU Bifurkacioni
36. Regional Water Company – KRU Prishtina
38. University of Prishtina
40. World Bank