Infra Plus

Client: Municipality of Deçan – Kosovo
Partners: Paradox Architecture SH.P.K
Total area: 4.50 Ha
Contract Period: 12/2022 – up to date

At first, on a 4.50 Ha plot, to aid in the distribution of traffic outside of the city, we’ve proposed Clear the central area. Additionally, it is suggested that the entirety of the area of the center will function through an underpass with a central ring will serve as the center’s operational channel, while the upper area will be used as a public square. In the entirety of this underpass, above the 0.00 level, only one lane of the road works in one direction, used by those who live in that area or use private businesses. Also, in the framework of public spaces, it is also proposed to add some new activities such as ‘Tourist Information Center’, ‘War Museum’, ‘Carshia’, ‘Mobile Market’, etc.

Where the square will be located two underground parking levels with a 700-car capacity have been planned. These areas will be controlled by the local government or in a PPP, public-private partnership. It is also suggested that the existing structure of the Palace of Culture, the Court, and the Municipal Assembly be destroyed, and relocated in a multipurpose building that will be newly constructed on a plot of land close to it, that is the property of the Municipal Assembly.