Infra Plus

Client: EBRD


Total length: 4 Lots – 22.6 km

Contract Period: 10/2021 – 10/2023

Construction Supervision for Regional Road in Kosova consists in four works contracts to be supervised which include rehabilitation of road section of approximately 11 km between Kllokot and Gjilan and upgrade of the access roads totaling approximately 11.6 km in the cities of Prizren, Ferizaj and Gjilan following a structure of:

Work contract 1: Improving the access road to the city of Prizren with a length of about 3.0 km
Work contract 2: Rehabilitation of road N25.3 from Kllokot to Gjilan with a length of 11 km
Work contract 3: Improvement of the access road N25.2 in Gjilan with a length of 3 km
Work contract 4: Improvement of the access road in the city of Ferizaj with a length of 5.6 km

All four work contracts are administered and supervised according to FIDIC Red Book.