Client: EBRD
Partners: Leading Partner – SWECO D.K
Total length: 19.0 km`
Contract Period: 10/2021 – up to date

Project’s goal is to provide an improvement of not only the Capital City’s traffic issues but also the economic viability, quality of life for residents, and despite conventional design methods to introduce innovative systems in the Kosovar technical consultancy sector such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and drone technologies for land survey, mapping, and field survey.
As a partner of SWECO D.K – INFRA PLUS has been engaged in Engineering Design of Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design of Prishtina Ring Road which consists in total of 12 deliverables including analysis of Traffic Forecast, Conceptual Design and Project Options, Cost Benefit Analysis, ESIA, Preliminary Design, BIM design and Road safety Audit.